Get involved!

Make sure you join our Sheffield wide announcements list to hear about various events going on. See the Contacts page for more info.

There are also various local transition groups and themed groups in Sheffield. Active groups in the Sheffield area have:

  • Shown environmental and topical films at venues
  • Created an edible community garden
  • Hosted creative low-energy social events like the pedal powered ‘Zero Carbon Cabaret’
  • Organised a street party
  • Set up a community food project to buy a 9 acre field
  • Organised permaculture courses on sustainable living
  • Created a vision for a local area in sustainable 2030
  • Held the Sheffield’s 2013 Transition Awards
  • Started a Repair Cafe
  • Organised public meetings with council representatives


Zero Carbon Caberet, photo by Dayglow Photography on Flickr

If you live in one of the areas that has a local group, you can contact them or join their mailing list.
If you’re interested in starting a new group let us know and we may be able to put you in touch with someone else in your area, and offer help and advice in getting the group started.

However, Transition in a city is complex!  There are many initiatives across Sheffield working on creating sustainable communities. Here are some specific suggestions for groups to get involved with, but also see our projects page for many more initiatives:

  • Transition Sheffield Hub
    Get involved in running regular Cafe events, supporting other groups, improving our publicity and engaging with Sheffield City Council.
  • Transition Crookes-Walkley
    Looking after the community garden in Crookes, growing veg in front gardens, and meeting in the Cobden View pub on the third Wednesday of the month.
  • Transition Burngreave
    Contribute to Apple Day and take interactive quizes, games and info to local summer events.
  • Hazelhurst Community Supported Agriculture Cooperative
    Watering the veggies, planting, harvesting, and distributing veg boxes, or get on the management committee.
  • Repair Cafe
    Contribute and learn skills in mending and repairing things, including clothes, toys, bicycles and electric items.
  • Grow Sheffield
    Gathering unharvested fruit and redistributing the surplus to the local community, find a Community Growers project, or organise creative community events.
  • Sheffield Renewables
    Developing renewable energy schemes to bring benefits to the community, with volunteering opportunities for all sorts of people.