April Transition Cafe: Green Homes in Sheffield

Monday 7 April: 7:30-10pm, Fusion Café

GHS logo“Is solar thermal more efficient than a ground source heat pump?”
“What’s the most cost-effective way to insulate walls?”

For our spring Transition Café event, we’re introducing the Green Homes Sheffield project to help provide some of the answers to such questions.

As recent news items about rising gas prices and climate change causing UK flooding have illustrated, the importance of energy efficient homes and lifestyles is becoming increasingly clear. This event will help people to consider their next actions for achieving more affordable, comfortable, and future-proofed homes.

During the evening we’ll show a short video clip about the Bath Green Homes project, and be joined by Jenny Patient who is project lead for Green Homes Sheffield. She’ll explain the aims of Green Homes Sheffield and describe forthcoming opportunities to visit ‘green homes’ in Sheffield.

You’ll also be invited to share your questions and stories about home energy efficiency and green home improvements with other participants, so you’ll have a chance to participate in the Green Homes Sheffield just by joining us on the night.

NB. Would you be able to help Green Homes Sheffield by volunteering as a Welcomer on two or more of these green open homes dates? You’d give practical help to enable the host to show their home to members of the public. Please email jenny.patient@regather.net if you are interested.

The event dates include a good mix of opportunities for both visiting green homes and helping out:

  • Sat 12th and Sun 13th April, 11am – 5pm (weekend)
  • Weds 23rd and Thurs 24th April, 11am – 5pm (school holidays)
  • Sat 3rd, Sun 4th, and Mon 5th May, 11am – 5pm (May Bank holiday)
  • Fri 16th, 4pm-10pm, Sat 17th and Sun 18th May, 11am – 5pm
    (Fri evening includes the option to open up for the Sheffield Friday Night Ride)

Fusion Café is in a central location on Arundel St, S1 2NS – see directions. The event is free, but donations towards running costs are welcomed, and tea, coffee and light snacks will be available for purchase.  We look forwards to seeing you on the April 7th.

energy efficiency3

Thermal image of heat loss

Installing insulation

Installing insulation

Energy efficiency rating certificate

Energy efficiency rating


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