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emailNews sent out 29 July 2013.  For more news see the news list archives.

Sheffield Local Plan Consultation

The consultation period for the Sheffield Local Plan has been extended to Friday 6 September 2013.  You can view various policies, proposals and evidence on the council’s website at, and the main documents are also still available to view at libraries and First Points throughout the city.
This is a chance to speak up to request sustainable approaches to city planning in Sheffield, so do respond about what you’d like to see. You might be inspired by a review of the Sheffield Region which demonstrates that cost-effective climate solutions could create over 6000 jobs and add £300 million per year to Sheffield City regional economy.

You can also contact if you’d like to suggest responses via Transition Sheffield.

Carbon Conversations

Interested in coming to a discussion group in the autumn looking at ways to reduce our carbon emissions?
Starting from September, Nick Nuttgens will be running some ‘Carbon Conversations’ groups. This is an informal and friendly series of 6 meetings (3 weeks apart) that looks at various topics e.g. energy in the home, travel and transport, consumption and waste.
The group provides a chance to to connect with other people in the process of discussing information and issues in a non-judgemental way.
See for more information.

Reclaim the Power camp 16th-21st August

We are facing a climate crisis, economic crisis and social crisis.  We want a clean and fair future where people come before profit.

Come to share your ideas. Create, imagine, resist. Join us to Reclaim the Power!
West Burton Gas fired power Station, Nr Retford, Notts.

NB. To give you a local context for the camp: fracking could soon take place in South Yorkshire and the Peak District National Park, with support from tax breaks. This is a short term, highly polluting national energy strategy, and the camp is one way to voice opposition.

Permaculture Design Course

Permaculture is an ecological design process used worldwide to transform homes, gardens, communities, businesses both in cities and the countryside.  It’s about living lightly on the planet and working with nature to create sustainable habitats for generations to come. Permaculture is both inspiring and empowering, enabling you to create solutions to local and global problems and enhancing your quality of life through using local resources and your own skills and talents.

This full 72 hour certificated course takes place over 6 alternate weekends split between two venues:
Burngreave Cemetery Chapel, Sheffield:  14/15th, 28/29th Sept, 12/13th Oct,
Greave House Farm, Stocksbridge:  26/27th Oct, 9/10th, 23/24th Nov
Overnight accommodation available at Greave House Farm

Tutors:  Saleema Imam and Barbara Bristow, plus guest speakers and visits to see permaculture in action. Cost: £150  (Various payment options). For more information or to book a place, email Barbara at or phone 07724505911


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