Carbon Conversations discussion group starts September

How can we cut carbon emissions in our day-to-day lives? Discussion group starts September.

Interested in coming to a discussion group in the autumn looking at ways to reduce our carbon emissions?

Starting from September, Nick Nuttgens will be running some ‘Carbon Conversations’ groups. This is an informal and friendly series of 6 meetings (3 weeks apart) that looks at various topics e.g. energy in the home, travel and transport, consumption and waste.

The cost of the series will be around £20 per person, to cover your handbook and teas/coffees. If we are too big a group to meet in someone’s house, we may need to add a little on for room bookings, but Nick hopes to avoid that.

Carbon Conversations was created because most of us accept what the scientists are telling us – that something serious is happening to our climate – but most of us feel uncertain about what we can actually do. The group will give us a chance to sift through the information and the issues it brings up, and to connect with other people in the process.

The approach is completely non-judgemental (we need to recognise that life is complicated for us all!)

If any of this rings a bell with you, or a friend or colleague, please fill in this two minute survey about your availability in the autumn:

More information on Carbon Conversations can be found at these two websites:

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